Who needs dogs & frogs when you can have a skunk full of charm & romance? Join our $PLPC love revolution today!

Who we are!

Amid a crypto winter colder than a Siberian snowstorm, Pepé Le Pew Coin ($PLPC) dances onto the scene! More charm than a Doge, wittier than a frog, Pepe's here to heat up your portfolio. With a 'Love's Deflation' mechanism, 'Skunk Spray' events, and a sizzling 'Love Chase Raffle', $PLPC is no ordinary meme coin - it's the 'gold standard' of meme coin amour. Join our 'love revolution' and let Pepé guide you to unimaginable financial heights. Romancing the crypto world, one block at a time!

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Jump into the stink with Pepé Le Pew Coin's simple and transparent tokenomics - or as we love to say, Skunkonomics!


0% Transaction Tax

Experience the joy of '0% transaction taxes', no fees, only freedom to trade as you wish!

"Love's Deflation" Burn

With weekly burns, our token supply decreases 24.4% in the first year, intensifying its exclusivity!


We set aside 1.6% of tokens for gamification. Join our games and giveaways!

Total Supply : 165,165,125,165,230 Trillion

ERC-20 Token, Initial Launch (Uniswap V3)

0 %

1.6 %



15 %


- Taxes

- Gamification

- Reserved CEXs, Bridges and Chains

- Deflationary Mechanism - "Love's Deflation"

- Liquidity (Locked & Renounced)

- Initial Launch (Uniswap)

Contract Renounced & Audited

The contract is renounced and audited, signifying a permanent commitment, much like Pepe's enduring affection!

Liquidity Locked & Renounced for 1,000 Years

Our liquidity is secured for a millennium, akin to Pepe's everlasting love!"

Reserved for CEXs, Bridges, Chains

We've reserved 7.7% for CEXs, bridges, and chains, ensuring readiness!

And voila, that's our Skunkonomics! Remember, love and investments are both a gamble - so always do your own research before diving tail-first into the stink!


Step 1. Create a Wallet

Download MetaMask or any other wallet of your choice from the App Store or Google Play Store for free. Desktop users, download the Google Chrome extension by visiting

Step 2. Acquire Some ETH

Ensure you have ETH in your wallet to exchange for $PLPC. If you don't have any ETH, you can buy directly on MetaMask, transfer from another wallet, or purchase on another exchange and send it to your MetaMask wallet.

Step 3. Connect to Uniswap

Audited Smart Contract:

Connect to Uniswap by visiting on Google Chrome or on the browse r inside your MetaMask app. - Connect your wallet to Uniswap. - Paste the $PLPC contact address into Uniswap, select $PLPC, and confirm the transaction. - When MetaMask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign it.

Step 4. Exchange ETH for $PLPC

Exchange your ETH for $PLPC**
**Note that there are no additional taxes with $PLPC transactions. However, you might need to set a slippage tolerance during times of market volatility

'Love me, Love me not' Coin Flip Game :


How to Play Coin Flip Game

IMPORTANT - playing the game involves interacting with the game app contract, which means there are gas fees to be paid. The player must be aware of the value of their bet, versus the network gas fees, which are beyond the control of the game app.


Phase 1: 'Skunking' Around

‣ Private Presale (Sold Out)

‣ #TopSecretMemeCoin Marketing Campaign

‣ Live! Reaveal and Stealth Launch Event Hosted by Squid Grow Joe on YouTube, 6.29.23 @ 10 am EST

‣ Release 'Love me, Love me not' Coin Flip Game

‣ Attract 1,000 Holders

We'll be skunking around, making 'scent-sations', just like Pepe le Pew!

Phase 2: 'Ooh la la' Engagement

‣ Pivot Marketing Focusing on $PLPC

‣ Get listed on CoinGecko

‣ Get listed on CoinMarketCap

‣ NFT Game (Details TBA)

‣ Attract 10,000+ holders.

We'll ensure our charm spreads far and wide, just as Pepé would do!

Phase 3: 'Zee' Meme Domination

‣ 3rd Game (Details TBA)

‣ Listings on CEXs

‣ Merch Store

‣ Meme Coin World Domination

‣ Attract 100,000+ holders.

We'll be in full 'Pepé-mode', aiming for 'zee' top, just like our favorite romantic skunk!

Your Unofficial Team :

Meet the Unofficial Team! We're just a bunch of skunks, infatuated with Pepé Le Pew and decentralized finance. Our love story with crypto is much like Pepe's pursuits - determined, enthusiastic, and a tad unpredictable! We're here to make a 'scent-sational' splash and launch this memecoin. Remember, this is all fun and games, cheri, much like our friend Pepe's love pursuits! Ownership renounced at launch, this coin is for you, the people. Let's create our own 'odeur de success'!


Co-Founder, Team Leader


Co-Founder, Community Manager


Co-Founder, Strategist


Co-Founder, Technology Management

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Chérie, listen up! Pepé Le Pew Coin is merely a coin, no more than a whimsical wisp in the crypto breeze. We aren’t linked to Warner Bros., Chuck Jones, or Michael Maltese, oui? We’re merely admirers of the love-struck skunk, Pepé Le Pew.

We dance on the blockchain, spreading love (and maybe a bit of harmless mischief) just like our namesake, but that’s as far as it goes. Zis is not an official partnership, just a tip of the beret to the charming Monsieur le Pew.

So, let’s enjoy this romantic stroll through the crypto park, mon amour, but remember, this coin is purely for entertainment, a laugh, a giggle, nothing more!

© 2023 by Pepé Le Pew Coin. All the meme magic, none of the official affiliation. Let's just call it a love letter to a timeless character! All rights reserved, mon cheri!